Cha Cha pants

Our luxurious stretch velvet Cha Cha pants. Three tiers of ruffles make these pants a flamenco classic. Get on the dance floor. Do the cha cha. Model: Jacqlyn & Robyn.

*Note: like all stretchy materials wash with mild detergent and then lay flat to dry.


The Bond cargo pant

We made the Bond cargo pant with a Bond girl in mind. White lace and gold are the colours we associate with the resort lady who has a killer one of a kind fashion sense. She loves luxury, she sips champagne on her yacht. These pants feature a drawstring and elastic, as well as two hip pockets and two cargo side pockets. These are slightly sheer. These pants are sold as is. Model: Robyn & Marie- Pierre. Size: medium

Slip dresses

I thought a lot about models off-duty for these dresses. I would see models on the runway in crazy elaborate outfits and then see them once they were off the runway. There was a common theme; simple, chic, comfort, and casual sexiness. Often top models like Kate Moss would wear lingerie as outerwear with a pair of sneakers, or jeans, or a t shirt under a skip. I love this look. There was one photo where Kate Moss was wearing a dress with a matching choker. I went to work.

These come in a range of colours and patterns. We have stock of various sizes in a few options and have only one or two of other colour/pattern ways.

Model: Robyn & Jacqlyn

The “Matrix” 

The “Nahalia”

The “Griffe de Chat”

The “Wisteria”

Rose Quartz turtle neck

A truly beautiful colour. A truly stunning turtle neck. Modern minimalism begging for various stylings. A large hair bow, a sexy mini skirt, a pair of jeans, heels, ballet flats, ribbons, gold jewellery, thigh high boots. Impossibly perfect. We took a lot of time in the shop getting just the right fit. Many samples of this were made to achieve this fit. Worn with our Strict teacher pinafore dress. Model: Jacqlyn. 

Odessa snake dress

This dress was inspired by a gorgeous friend of mine who has the same name as this dress. I wanted to make a basic black shirt dress shape with a unique snake cut out with a micro power mesh in cream. This has the same fabric as our Strict Teacher dress. It is a smooth silk like fabric. In the middle is a snake like cut out that is sewn into the dress. This portion is see through. All edges are finished except the snake which is left raw edge for a design element. This is our oversize version. Made to order. Model: Jacqlyn & Robyn.

Strict Teacher pinafore dress

I saw a women in a dress very similar to this and fell in love with how cute she looked with her slight side boob showing, and her rib tattoos. I loved how vintage the silhouette looked and how thick and durable the dress fabric was, almost like a apron, or utility outfit from the 1960s. I immediately recreated the look I had seen in two colour ways.

The colourful one seen here is a one of a kind Size 6. This was worn twice, once for this shoot and once for a wedding. It comes dry cleaned and as is. I used a thick vintage beautiful pattern for the upper part and a black power mesh over skirt with a, green silk cotton underskirt.

These feature beautiful thick straps that attach at the back and a invisible side zipper.

Here is our fully stocked version in a black silky fabric.  Wear this style of dress with a ruffle top, a cold shoulder top, our Rose Quartz turtle neck (available in our Etsy shop), or rock it naked for a bold fashion statement.

Model: Robyn & Jacqlyn

*Note: this fabric wrinkles easily and therefore pass a light iron or steam over it. Wash delicate cycle, dry on delicate cycle.


Unisex deconstructed “Pope” top

 This is one of our best sellers hands down. It is such a simple concept but the results are a more complicated layered look. We got our hands on some of the finest ie: read thinest stretchy cotton viscose material and made a layered tank top. The front has two panels, the outside panel being longer then the inside and back panel. The garment finishing is left raw at the hem for a natural fray and roll. The neck line and arm holes are finished with a hand cut bias tape in the same silk like cotton as the rest of the top. The inside shoulder seam has a selvaged tape sewn across it to stop any excess stretching of that seam. Wear with your favourite tights, jeans, or as a dress in our oversized version. Model: Robyn wears the oversize large in white & Bü wears a small. All garments are made to order.

Stretchy black pinafore “Betty” dress

A very practical and mix matchable pinafore with 4 way stretch for comfort and fit. It features a low cut back with slide closures so you can pair with a tube top for summer, a bikini top, a t shirt as seen here, or just about anything else you want. We called this the “Betty” dress because we had a skateboarding/surfing girl in mind. Betty was a word used in the 1980s for a cute surfer girl.

*Note: This is a poly cotton, it does not wrinkle easily. This is our size medium, this is a made to order garment. Wash on delicate cycle, lay flat to dry.