Slip dresses

I thought a lot about models off-duty for these dresses. I would see models on the runway in crazy elaborate outfits and then see them once they were off the runway. There was a common theme; simple, chic, comfort, and casual sexiness. Often top models like Kate Moss would wear lingerie as outerwear with a pair of sneakers, or jeans, or a t shirt under a skip. I love this look. There was one photo where Kate Moss was wearing a dress with a matching choker. I went to work.

These come in a range of colours and patterns. We have stock of various sizes in a few options and have only one or two of other colour/pattern ways.

Model: Robyn & Jacqlyn

The “Matrix” 

The “Nahalia”

The “Griffe de Chat”

The “Wisteria”


Moonshadow rubber panties

Introducing one of our best sellers with an improved cut and shape. The “Moonshadow” rubber panty is a unisex garment. This is our size small. All of our latex garments are hand cut and glued using the highest quality glue and techniques, ensuring a long lasting product. All of our products are made to order. They come hand washed in a delicate and environmentally friendly soap, air dried, baby powdered, and wrapped in tissue. You must follow the same technique to preserve the life of this natural material. We do not provide you with a shine liquid. These can usually be obtained online or at your local sex shop. We use the product “Vivishine”. Like all latex products they must not be exposed to heat, metal or pins. After they are worn then must be washed and the procedure above followed.