Slip dresses

I thought a lot about models off-duty for these dresses. I would see models on the runway in crazy elaborate outfits and then see them once they were off the runway. There was a common theme; simple, chic, comfort, and casual sexiness. Often top models like Kate Moss would wear lingerie as outerwear with a pair of sneakers, or jeans, or a t shirt under a skip. I love this look. There was one photo where Kate Moss was wearing a dress with a matching choker. I went to work.

These come in a range of colours and patterns. We have stock of various sizes in a few options and have only one or two of other colour/pattern ways.

Model: Robyn & Jacqlyn

The “Matrix” 

The “Nahalia”

The “Griffe de Chat”

The “Wisteria”


Rose Quartz turtle neck

A truly beautiful colour. A truly stunning turtle neck. Modern minimalism begging for various stylings. A large hair bow, a sexy mini skirt, a pair of jeans, heels, ballet flats, ribbons, gold jewellery, thigh high boots. Impossibly perfect. We took a lot of time in the shop getting just the right fit. Many samples of this were made to achieve this fit. Worn with our Strict teacher pinafore dress. Model: Jacqlyn.